NFT Art Museum

NFT(Non Fungible Token) is a digital file whose unique identity and ownership are verified on a blockchain. NFTs are not mutually interchangeable. NFTs are created by uploading files , such as digital artwork (jpeg. png. mp3. gif. ) to an auction platform.

Kim Bell Art Gallery

This page is dedicated to showcase the rare unique non fungible tokens created/owned by Kim Bell Art Gallery studio. All future digital art by KIM BELL will be minted on blockchain. Crypto Bzy Punks are available now living on Ethereum and Polygon network on blockchain. Smart contracts are included on all tokens in the metadata. To purchase an NFT you must have a Crypto Wallet. (Coinbase, MetaMask, Exodus ). Please feel free to contact @KimBell.nft on social media for any questions. The future is now. Don’t get left behind….. Let’s Go!

Download a WEB3 Wallet in order to own an NFT.