Unlimited Imagination Business Plan – Pitch Deck

Juice Library Business Plan – Pitch Deck

Mental Health Awareness Center Business Plan – Pitch Deck

“40 Year Old Rapper” short film Movie Script by Kim Bell

“I Love My Ninjas” short film movie script. written by Kim Bell

I hope to inspire future kids from every community to create ideas, companies and invade new industries. All brands are still in earliest phase bootstrapped and trying to figure it out. I may flip Juice Library into a merchandising company in the future. WE must stay Healthy by any means… I will continue 2 raise awareness to mental illness. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder exist in all communities in the 21st century, from various childhood trauma and events; fights, shooting, manipulation, abuse, domestic violence, etc. Awareness of PTSD can lead to therapy and therapy will lead to healing…which the world needs right now.


Kim Bell Holdings Co.

Reference Material Notes: 7 Historical Pitch Decks