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How to publish a book?

Here are my 5 easy steps to publish your own book.

  • Write the Book.
  • Edit
  • Publish
  • Market
  • Sell

Write the book. Just as simple as that. write down all of your ideas….if you do not like writing or typing you can audio record your self and have the audio transcribed into word format. You may need a small budget in order to complete this first step depending on your skill set. Tools I used to create children’s books in 2019- Hardware: MacBook Pro Software: Adobe Illustrator; Pages app on Mac (see tools)

Edit the book. Once you have a first draft completed… have an editor or mentor read over your masterpiece and make the necessary adjustments. After your book is edited and everything makes sense….you are ready to publish. In order to publish you will need your book in word format and you will also need a graphic designer to design a cover for your literary work of art.

Publish the book. Prepare your manuscript to be uploaded. Checkout this video on how to self publish a book with Amazon.


After your book is published you will need to form some type of marketing strategy to create a demand for your book. Organic guerrilla marketing is my favorite way to market my books. Find your fan base and focus on them…take pics…reach out to people to leave reviews…do pop ups. The possibilities are endless once you are a published author. This is a great accomplishment. Congratulations. Keep going.

Here is a video on Guerrilla Marketing which is essential for any brand delopment….



Book Sales: Once you make your first ten sales just do it again 10x and repeat. Think Big. Rule #1: Get the money. Rule #2: Don’t forget to get the money…..

How to create an NFT?

To create an NFT (non-fungible token), you will need to follow these general steps:

  1. Create or acquire the digital asset that you want to mint as an NFT. This can be a digital artwork, video, music, 3D model, or any other type of digital file.
  2. Choose a blockchain platform to mint your NFT on. Popular choices include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.
  3. Use a tool or service, such as OpenSea, Rarible, or SuperRare, to mint your NFT. These platforms typically provide user-friendly interfaces and tools for creating and managing NFTs.
  4. Provide the necessary information and metadata for your NFT, such as its title, description, and any additional details you want to include.
  5. Set a price for your NFT and list it for sale on the chosen platform.

It’s important to note that creating an NFT is a complex process and it’s recommended that you should have some technical knowledge of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and web3 wallets.

Additionally, the cost of minting an NFT can vary significantly depending on the blockchain platform you choose, and you will also need to pay for gas fees to mint and transfer your NFT.

Nothing on this page is financial advice…however it is education encouragement….figure it out and keep going.

How to Upload your MUSIC to ALL STREAMING services

Virtual Mentors

These are a few videos that changed the way I see things in life.