Kim Bell Jr. is an American visual artist, working in painting, drawing, FILMmaking, publishing, illustration and Web3 software development.

“Every Kid is an Artist…then society does its best to beat it out of you.”

“My journey started when I was born, I had a fun childhood growing up…typical family situation, I always love art and music….I always been a go getter, I stay busy trying to learn to master the things I love; art, music, film, health..I’m constantly elevating and educating myself to be better than the previous day. A wise man once told me “Do You” …be your self and that’s the best thing you can do for what’s around you. My style is inspired by myself.”

Visual American Artist

A self taught artist, Bell redefined cool with his artistic expression and style by authoring a series of children’s books to raise literacy and art awareness. His first children’s book is titled “Mr. Chicken in the Kitchen”  All Books are available on Amazon and  GWOP Magazine

Feel free to Request BOOKS by Kim Bell At Your local library.

Available Worldwide.


Mediums: Drawings. Paintings. Filmmaking. Collage. Assemblage. Digital. Graffiti. Mixed Media. Photography. Books.

Launch the business, create the art and you can make it perfect later. I create business ideas so I can avoid a regular day job. Best time to be alive….Everything is Digital”

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